A Vikings World - First update...

This next project that I'm finally getting off the WIP pile is for my boyfriend Tony.  His ancestors came from Norway and he's interested in his Viking heritage.  I bought the chart February 8, 2013 or so said the receipt that was tucked inside the chart.  I think I started it the 17th of the month.  I'm guessing as I forgot to write down my start date, figuring I'd get this stitched up before the end of the next month well before June and his birthday.  Well you know how real life kind of takes over, I got busy at work, I tried stitching on it over the weekends but I always seemed too tired.  So I just ended up putting it and all my stitching away.

When I put Vikings World away I had one shield done, the bottom of the mast and two and a half sections of the sail.  I couldn't afford the "Gentle Art" sampler threads it called for so I went with the "DMC" conversion that was provided.  I started working on it again Monday November 18th.  Here is my progress after one week's worth of stitchy work.

You can find the chart at this website:  http://www.xstitchdesignsbylisa.com/AVikingsWorld.html

On the football front the Seahawks are now 10 and 1 for the season. YEEEAAAA!!!!  I never use to be a big football fan until I discovered that I could stitch and listen/watch a game for 3 hours and not miss count my stitching.

P.S. I took a chance and soaked the finished "Birds of a Feather" project in Orvus and cold water and it came out fine with no bleeding of the red thread into the linen it was stitched on.  So now it's been ironed, rolled up, and put away until I can afford to have it framed.