Birds of A Feather Finish

It's hard to believe, my first finish in four years.  I didn't think I'd ever get this thing off my WIP list, but here it is.  I have one dilemma with this piece.  When I got the floss with the charts and fabric as a kit I didn't bother to check and make sure the floss was colorfast having never worked with WeeksDyedWorks over dyed floss before.  After I finished the border from part one I discovered the large red flowers bled when I got one wet.  So the question is - Do I soak it in Orvus and cold water and hope for the best. Or, leave it dirty and try and steam out the hoop rings in the linen.

Name:  Birds of a Feather
Type:  Counted Cross Stitch
Finished Chart Size:  173w x 190h (11.5" x 12.75")
Leaflet/Kit #:  3 part chart pak mystery
Designer/Publisher: Brenda Gervais© 2011 With Thy Needle & Thread
November 17, 2013
Misc. Info. : Started
May 21, 2011 using WDW linen 30ct. confederate grey and WDW over dyed cotton floss.

Sorry for the crappy snap.  I tried taking a picture outside in the natural light. In one corner it says ... 11-2013 and the other my initials...  J K J