Birds Update, Job Train to no where, & YEA Seahawks!!!

Well here it is, another bird's update.  I can't really say it's taken me two weeks to finish off the forth quadrant of the inner square.  More like four days of really intense stitching with a final push to get this posted today.  That way I can get started on the first quadrant and finally be done with this sucker after having it in the WIP pile for a little over two years and five months. (Click on picture for bigger image)

The one job interview I've had in the 6 weeks since I've been unemployed fell through, with an "Oh we decided to fill the position with someone inside the company" after making me wait for three weeks before telling me.  Every application I've filled out either directly through WorkSource or on-line has gotten no response or an automated e-mail saying you're not what were looking for or the job's already been filled.

On a lighter note...Sudden death overtime for the Seahawks with a win of 3 points for a score of 27 to 24 over Tampa Bay.
Hopefully I'll have better news in my next update.