January TUSAL

This month's new moon is finally upon us and therefore the "Totally Useless Stitch-along" report is at hand.  As you can see from the very thin layer of new color threads, from musical bell pull, the volume in the TUSAL beaker hasn't changed much since the last report.  And from now on you won't see much in the way of orts.  I'm now in "Super Floss Miser" mode as the project I'm working on was a kit I purchased between 1996 -1999 and my biggest fear is that I'll run out of kit floss before I finish the bell pull.

click for larger picture.

Click for larger picture.

As you can see from the progress picture I'm just starting the back-stitching.  I hope to be finished by Sunday so I'll have no distractions during the Superbowl game Sunday between the Seahawks and the Broncos.  As a Washingtonian I'll be cheering on my Seahawks.

Happy Stitching and thanks for stopping by!!!

Weekly Progress Update

First off I was a bad girl most of Saturday.  I had every intention of getting up bright and early [yeah right] and stitching all day long.  I ended up sleeping the clock around and not getting up until almost noon, and from then until 4pm I got caught up reading the 55+ stitchery blogs I've got on my RSS feeds list.  One more thing, if you noticed my RSS feeds were all screwed up it's because I was renaming labels on a lot of my old posts and for some unknown reason blogger re-published those RSS feeds.

OK, now that the excuses are over with, here is the progress on musical bell pull - banjo section:

Here's the before...

Click for larger picture.

And here's one week later...

Click for larger picture.
Hopefully I'm going to have this section finished by the first of next month so I can move on to Camelot Sampler.  It's hard to believe I haven't touched CS in 8 years and 2 months.  And harder still to think it took me 4 years 8 month to get as far as I did.

Happy Stitching and thanks for stopping by!!!

Musical Bell Pull - Banjo Progress

First off I want to say I don't know what was up with bloggers RSS feed on Thursday the 16th.  I hope it doesn't put random video code in today's post.

At first I was going to start stitching on MBP starting Thursday the 16th and work on beading my tablecloth edge instead.  But the stitching bug bite me as soon as I got MBP back on a slate frame, so I've been working on it since last Tuesday the 14.

Here's the before....

click for larger picture
And here's the after.....

click for larger picture

I will be soooooo glad to be finished with the banjo drum head.  Stitching light cream thread on white fabric is making me go bleary eyed and blind. [LOL]

Also, I was getting feed up with the crappy pictures my digital camera was taking so I got my scanner out of storage and hooked it up to the computer.  Now you can see the proper colors and it's in focus. YEA!!!!  

 Welcome to all my new followers!!!

Until next weekend -
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Wipocalypse 2014 get your needles started and let's go.....

This year instead of having monthly stitching themes Measi is having monthly topics to go along with stitchy up-dates.  You can check out my wipocalypse tab for the topics or use the button on my side menu, it will take you directly to Measi's info and sign-up page.


January 16 - Topic: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

My name is Jan.  As of October 2013 I am an unemployed (still job hunting) electronics stockroom clerk and homeless.  I'm 56 years old and currently living under my parent's roof.  I'm single (aka spinster) and have no kids or pets.  My projects, it seems, have been forever listed on the side menu of my blog page. 

My goal for the year would be to finish at least three projects that have a significant amount done already; That being:

1) Camelot Sampler - by Teresa Wentzler (TWDesignworks)
2) The Twelve Days of Christmas - by Teresa Wentzler (TWDesignworks)
3) Musical Bell Pull - by Donna Vermillion Giampa (Vermillion Stitchery)

The problem I'm having with several WiPs is that my tastes have changed over the years and I don't know if I will ever finish them.  I'm hoping that if I do a rotational system I can get 'em done.  If by some miracle I finish all three before the end of the year I will pick three more to continue on with.

And without further a-do here is what all three projects looked like from the last time I touched them.  
Remember to click on the pictures for a bigger image.

Musical Bell Pull - started ? last worked on Oct. 2008

A close up of where I left off.

Camelot Sampler - started March 2001 last worked on Nov. 2005


A close up of the jousting scene where I left off.

The Twelve Days of Christmas 
Started March 2004 last worked on Dec. 2004
For individual close-ups go to the WIP link on the side menu.

I will be starting my stitching rotation with Musical Bell Pull.  Bravo!!!  If you made it all the way to the end of this post.  For it has to be the longest one I've ever made. [LOL]

Happy Stitching and thanks for stopping by........

One last note:  I've added "A Vikings World" chart to my For Sale page.

Catching Up

No stitchy progress updates to show. Sorry...   I've been getting my three WIPocalypse projects re-laced and back on scroll and slate frames.  Since both TW's (Camelot Sampler, 12 Days of Christmas) are one over one for the most part; I've decided to start with "Musical Bellpull" by Vermillion Stitchery.

Since I'm not officially starting these until January 16 I'm going to be working on an old beading project I stumbled across while looking for one of my WIP's.  It's kind of a stop-gap for stitching burn-out.  A few years ago I was given a pretty flowered black table cover.  There was no washing instructions with it and when it came out of the dryer the fringe turned into a wooly mangled mess.  So I decided to replace the mangled fringe with green and black seed beads.  I'm not in a hurry to get it finished so it's not going on any must-do list.  Anyway here's what it looks like as of today.

Click for larger picture.

Happy Stitching and thanks for stopping by.....
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First Finish in 2014!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that yesterday I finally set up my 2014 Finishes Page.  And A Vikings World has been added.  I left the glass out of the frame to avoid the glare.  Unfortunately it's still slightly out of focus.  Me and digital cameras just don't get along...sigh...  Anyway here's the page link....2014 Finishes

Thanks for stopping by.

A Vikings World Finished!!!!

Well here she is....  picture taken just an hour ago.  I didn't even bother to take it off the scroll frame.  I was so excited to get a snap up here on the blog and squeal YE HAW - Happy Dance -- First finish of 2014!!!  I've been seeing everyone's posts flooding in almost every day last week and I've been dying to post something stitching related.  Hopefully in the next few days I'll have this washed and in it's frame ready for Tony; and I'll have an updated photo of the final project put up on my finishes page.

Name:  A Vikings World
Type:  Counted Cross Stitch
Finished Chart Size:  13.25"w by 8.5"h
Leaflet #:  DBL-C38
Designer/Publisher:  © Designs By Lisa
Finished:  Jan. 5, 2014
Misc. Info. : Started Approx. Feb. 17, 2013.  Stitched on 25ct. evenweave (mystery color from my stash) using DMC cotton floss.  The name at the top of the ship reads as Anthony Jorgen.

TUSAL 2014 ....And Sew it Begins.....

Well here's my little ort beaker.  I didn't know if one was supposed to start with an empty container on the first posting of the New Year or if the orts gathered after I posted in December counted.  I'm pretty much a floss miser so there's not that much to see yet.  Right now it's filled with orts from "A Vikings World" project.  I hope to have this project finished, washed, and laced up for its frame in the next two weeks; then it's off to the races with my WIPocalypse list of projects.

Happy New Year's Day and Tai (who poked his nose in the corner of the picture) says thanks for stopping by.
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