Catching Up

No stitchy progress updates to show. Sorry...   I've been getting my three WIPocalypse projects re-laced and back on scroll and slate frames.  Since both TW's (Camelot Sampler, 12 Days of Christmas) are one over one for the most part; I've decided to start with "Musical Bellpull" by Vermillion Stitchery.

Since I'm not officially starting these until January 16 I'm going to be working on an old beading project I stumbled across while looking for one of my WIP's.  It's kind of a stop-gap for stitching burn-out.  A few years ago I was given a pretty flowered black table cover.  There was no washing instructions with it and when it came out of the dryer the fringe turned into a wooly mangled mess.  So I decided to replace the mangled fringe with green and black seed beads.  I'm not in a hurry to get it finished so it's not going on any must-do list.  Anyway here's what it looks like as of today.

Click for larger picture.

Happy Stitching and thanks for stopping by.....
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Mii Stitch said...

It's really looking great, I like your idea of fixing it with beads!

Jan Jones said...

Thanks!!! Will you be joining the WIPocalypse SAL this year? said...

Hi , Jan !!!!! I am a new follower from Greece - I love your creations !!!!!!!
Many wishes for a happy and creative New Year !!!!!

Jan Jones said...

Hi Niki
Thank you for join my group of followers. I enjoyed looking at your blog.
I like the bracelets with stitches and beads. I have never seen creations
like that before.

Happy New Year to you too!!!