Musical Bell Pull - Banjo Progress

First off I want to say I don't know what was up with bloggers RSS feed on Thursday the 16th.  I hope it doesn't put random video code in today's post.

At first I was going to start stitching on MBP starting Thursday the 16th and work on beading my tablecloth edge instead.  But the stitching bug bite me as soon as I got MBP back on a slate frame, so I've been working on it since last Tuesday the 14.

Here's the before....

click for larger picture
And here's the after.....

click for larger picture

I will be soooooo glad to be finished with the banjo drum head.  Stitching light cream thread on white fabric is making me go bleary eyed and blind. [LOL]

Also, I was getting feed up with the crappy pictures my digital camera was taking so I got my scanner out of storage and hooked it up to the computer.  Now you can see the proper colors and it's in focus. YEA!!!!  

 Welcome to all my new followers!!!

Until next weekend -
Keep those needles busy and thanks for stopping by.