TUSAL 2014 ....And Sew it Begins.....

Well here's my little ort beaker.  I didn't know if one was supposed to start with an empty container on the first posting of the New Year or if the orts gathered after I posted in December counted.  I'm pretty much a floss miser so there's not that much to see yet.  Right now it's filled with orts from "A Vikings World" project.  I hope to have this project finished, washed, and laced up for its frame in the next two weeks; then it's off to the races with my WIPocalypse list of projects.

Happy New Year's Day and Tai (who poked his nose in the corner of the picture) says thanks for stopping by.
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Loretta said...

Happy New Year!!!

I have been saving my orts in the same jar since the 2nd year of the TUSAL. I just keep pushing them down to make room for the new additions.

You can do what you want in this SAL.

Jan Jones said...

Ya know Loretta you're absolutely right! I'm just kicking myself for tossing out those two months worth of orts I had by the end of the year. After I'd read several TUSAL blog posts there were so many neat things I could have done with the left over thread. Ah well, I've twelve months to start collecting again and this time it's being saved for a handmade pincushion.

Happy New Year and thanks for the comment!!!