TUSAL for April

It seems my stitching mojo took a walk-about two weeks ago and hasn't found it's way home yet.  So I have no additions for the beaker to show nor any stitchy update.  Hopefully I'll have something next month.

Until next time my friends.....

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April WIPocalypse Topic Question

First off I'm afraid I don't have any progress on "Day Six" of TW's 12 Days of Christmas.  Well not enough to matter with an update picture anyway.  So how about I show you something else....

April 15 – Topic:  How do you keep your stash organized?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so instead of explaining everything here are three  pictures from back in April of 2012 when I was living in an apartment. As you can see I'm a bit of a pack rat when it comes to needlework stash.  The only thing I don't have pictures for are the four green file folder boxes full of fabric for stitching, and pre-finished items to stitch like tablecloths, table runners, kitchen towels, pot holders, etc.

Click for a larger picture to read the print.
Click for a larger picture to read the print.

Click for larger picture to read print.

All the items you see in these pictures are all packed up and in storage except for some of the bobben'ed DMC thread and the nine WIPs listed on the side menu of my blog.

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April Weigh-In and TW Update

One weeks worth of progress on The 12 days of Christmas - Day Six - by Teresa Wentzler. I have this funny feeling it's going to be a close one come December, as I don't think I'll get this project finished. I just can't seem to focus working on it. Maybe it's just the fabric count of 28 I don't like.  Sorry for the blurry pictures of my digital camera.  Next time I promise to use my scanner for update pictures.

Click for bigger picture.

Click for a bigger picture.

As for my first of the month Weight-In, I haven't been getting on the tread mill every weekday like I promised myself I would. I just don't seem to have any ambition, that and feeling tired from lack of sleep because my back and hips hurt all the time now. Just walking 6 blocks round trip to the convenience store gets my hips to hurting. I've been trying to compensate for the lack of activity by cutting back on when and how much I eat. I seem to be leveling out at 222 lbs. and keeping 1 lb off is pretty good in my book. All I can do is keep trying. I lost it before, I can do it again.

Until next time... Keep on stitch'n