May Wipocalypse

Sorry to say I haven't done any stitching for weeks now, guess I've reached my burn-out phase. To keep my hands and mind busy I've taken a try at knitting. I've found an easy finger-less glove pattern on the internet and this is my 3rd attempt at the pattern.

And now for this months Wipocalypse topic:

May 14 – Topic: What designs or themes do you really wish you could find? What do you think is missing among stitching designs? 

In a one word answer "None".  I've reached SABLE (stash acquired beyond life expectancy) over ten years ago and I've forced myself to go "On the wagon" as it were and not buy any more charts or kits. There are a lot of designers out there that I admire but one in particular that I have always sought out - Teresa Wentzler. I have always loved her dragons and fantasy themed designs.

As far as something missing from stitching designs, well for me personally it's the level of detail in a design. I have never cared for cute-icy simplistic designs. If you're going to spend a large amount of money on fabric and framing - make sure the design is worth your time and cash. Then there's the opposite end of the spectrum. The computer generated charts from a photo or digital image that's 90 plus pages and has more confetti stitching and the odd random color squares than you could shake a stick at. Come on people the least you can do is clean up that kind of mess before you put it up for sale to the public. OK getting off the soap box now.

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A Drive by Posting....

I didn't realize that yesterday was the first Sunday of the month and my weight In posting, and I missed it again.  So I figured I'd do a quick drive by posting as I pump my fist in the air saying "Woot" "Woot"!!!  I managed a whole 6 lbs. last month which drops the scale down to 216 lbs.

I also have a small bit of good news.  I finally have a job interview today.  It's only for a part-time night job but if y'all can cross yer fingers and send a little luck my way I'd appreciate it.

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Update: 4:05pm::  Made it through the initial interview.  20 hours a week 11pm - 7:30am.  Here's hoping I hear back in a couple of days for the second interview round.  Yea!!!

Update: 10th Saturday  12:30pm::  I received a postcard in the mail saying sorry, we are unable to offer you a position at this time.  O well, that sucks big time.