A Drive by Posting....

I didn't realize that yesterday was the first Sunday of the month and my weight In posting, and I missed it again.  So I figured I'd do a quick drive by posting as I pump my fist in the air saying "Woot" "Woot"!!!  I managed a whole 6 lbs. last month which drops the scale down to 216 lbs.

I also have a small bit of good news.  I finally have a job interview today.  It's only for a part-time night job but if y'all can cross yer fingers and send a little luck my way I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Update: 4:05pm::  Made it through the initial interview.  20 hours a week 11pm - 7:30am.  Here's hoping I hear back in a couple of days for the second interview round.  Yea!!!

Update: 10th Saturday  12:30pm::  I received a postcard in the mail saying sorry, we are unable to offer you a position at this time.  O well, that sucks big time.


D1-D2 said...

Good luck on your interview!