A Not So Totally Useless October.

Happy TUSAL everyone!!!

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Well as you can see from my little beaker there are a few bits of blues and greens.  The greens come from my bikers patch I'm working on.

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I'm kinda worried that the green outline I'm using is too dark, and that I need a color closer to the green I've used in the tomato pincushion.  Guess I'll try stitching the other outline with a different green and see what looks better.

I've also started stitching on Musical Bell Pull again.  I haven't gotten that far so I'll wait till my Wipocalypse post before I show an update of that.  I'm working on the mandolin. Here's the model picture with it circled.
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WIPocalypse for October

It only feels like a few days have past since the last check-in. My stitching mojo is slowly returning to me, it's been helped along with the purchase of two DVDs.


So far I've only read through the first four issues but I've already found a sampler to add to my to-do list.  From autumn 1991 page 29.

As for my stitchy up-dates, well there's not much to see.  I've put in maybe 10 stitches into Day Six of TW's 12 Days of Christmas so there's not much of a difference to see.  But since I really should show something here's what little I've done with my biker's patch.  I've almost finished with the scissors.




Until the problems with my eyes get straighten out I'm going to have to leave off stitching on my over-one WIPS and I'll pull out my Musical Bell Pull and try and work on that.

Now for this month's WIPocalypse question.

Topic:  Are you a Halloween or Christmas stitcher?

It seems I've only stitched two Christmas themed pieces in my life and nothing for Halloween.  I've never really been interested in stitching anything for these two holidays, so in a round about way I guess my answer would be a resounding no.

I hope I'll have more to show you in next month's WIPocalypse update.

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