November TUSAL Update

Greetings fellow Bloggers and TUSALers.  It's hard to believe that a whole month has gone by since we last posted our ort containers and project updates.
I've been a bit adventurous in the last 2 weeks and tried my hand at dying fabric with coffee.  I followed the instructions on Martha Beth Lewis's page and here's the out come.
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On the left is the original cream color and right is the warm brown/coffee color I ended up with.
As a first try at dying fabric I'm rather proud of myself.  The only mistake I made was putting too much alum in the final dye bath to set the color.  So after the fabric dried for the final time I gave it a quick wash in cold water with orvus to try and get rid of the smell of alum, and it worked.
And for anyone who's interested I used Italian roast dark instant coffee, 8 cups worth.
I've put all my projects away until next year as I have a time sensitive Christmas/birthday present that I need to have done by Jan. 7th.  Here's the progress so far with my newly dyed fabric, along with my little beaker.
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Thanks for stopping by!


D1-D2 said...

That is a great color. I will have to try this as well. I want to dye some of my doilies that are too white for the furniture.

That's a nice frame by the way. The pattern looks like a frame. What are you going to be stitching in the middle?

Carla Eldridge said...

I came over here to check out your blog and LOVE it! I believe my favorite part is how it is truly all YOU. Thank you for adding my TW Button so nicely there in your blends beautifully with your lovely blog, or I'd like to think so, ha, ha.

I checked out all of your finishes and just have to ask if you can remember what you were doing during certain years that quite a bit of stitching happened while other years, very little? It fascinates me to hear the responses so I hope you don't take offense and think I'm being nosy...I am a little nosy but refer to it as "inquisitive almost to the point of being annoying like an interrogation". My way of getting to know you :D