January TUSAL

Before I start my post I'd like to give a shout out to "Sarah Hagget" and "Erica" who left a comment on my last blog post.  Since your e-mail was set to "no-reply@blogger.com" I can't reply privately to your comment.  Also I can't find a blog connected to your name so can't post a comment to your blog. So..... all I can do is say Thanks for Commenting on my Post....

Now let's get started with the first TUSAL post of 2015!!!

As you can see from my beaker it's full of green and blue orts from my Norwegian Alphabet Sampler.  I was stitching it as a surprise birthday gift for my boyfriend's mother, but he broke up with me last Monday the 12th after being together for almost 2 1/2 years. Now I have no interest in working on or seeing it. Maybe sometime in the future I can bear to look at it again and finish it.

click for larger picture.
I'll be switching over to Camelot Sampler now as I promised my self I'd get'ter done this year.  So don't be surprised if all you see for the next few months is boring updates of this sampler.


My end of the year progress for 2014.

click for bigger picture.
Thank you all, new followers and lurkers, for stopping by and reading my blog.

WIPocalypse ...The Second Time Around...For Me

Greetings fellow Stitchers and Bloggers!  Welcome to my first post of 2015 and the kick-off to Measi's WIPocalypse stitch-along.  If you're new to all this and haven't a clue, just click on the button in my side menu and it will take you straight to the sign-up and info page.  Well now let's get this post rolling with the first topic of the year.

Topic: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!
Howdy my name is Jan.  I've been stitching off and on throughout most of my life after being taught at the tender young age of 9. While stitching has come and gone in my life, the years since 1997 have brought out a renewed passion for cross stitching.  As of September 2013 I am an unemployed electronics stockroom clerk.  I'm 57 years old and currently living under my parent's charity.  I keep an eye on them and provide them with hospice care while I still keep trying to find work. I'm single (aka spinster) and have no kids or pets.  ....Well I'm thinking about getting a kitten this summer; it's for my 93 yr. old mom to play with and to keep me company... I have a tentative relationship with a 54 yr. old biker named Tony who likes going by his road name of "Viking".  We've been seeing each other about 2 years now.
My projects, it seems, have been forever listed on the side menu of my blog page.  Here are all the ones I'll be rotating through in 2015 to try and get them closer to a finish.
My Tree of Life - (Mon Arbre de Vie) By Annick Abrial

The Book of Ink Circles By Tracy Horner

The Sampler - Once Upon A Time - (Le Marquoir - Il était une fois) By Annick Abrial

Forest Babies - Mother Skunk and Babies By Candi Martin

The Berlin Woolwork Sampler By The Needle's Prayse


And last but not least is.....

Camelot Sampler By Teresa Wentzler

I got quite a bit done on this last year and my main goal for 2015 is to get this sucker finished.  I have a very good reason for my motivation...  I've already stitched 2015 in the date window of the sampler starting back in January of 2014. Just to give me a 2 year window to gett'er done!!
Even though these two projects aren't listed on the side menu of my blog, I plan to work on them as well in the coming months.
Biker's Vest Patch
Norwegian Alphabet Sampler
And there you have it, my projects and goals for the 2015 year!!