Terrific TUSAL February

Well here's my little ort beaker.  In it are all the leftovers from almost a months work on TW's Camelot Sampler.  I am feverishly working away on the border and will tease you by saying you'll have to wait until March 5th for my WIPocalypse update reveal.

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February WIPocalypse

I can't believe February 3rd nearly slipped by me without remembering to post my WIPocalypse update.  This will be short and sweet...  but first my answer to this months topic question.

Topic: How do you overcome that feeling that you’re in a rut with a particular project?

Well my only solution is to simply rotate to the next project in my WIPs list.  Then there's the extreme of stitcher's burnout where I can't look at anything stitching related and I have to box up everything and put it away.  That can be from a couple of months to over a year.  That's why I have a lot of long term WIPs.   I can guess that at least 3 on my sidebar list were started between 1998 and 2001.

And now for the before and after updates of  Camelot Sampler.

Before (at the end of 2014):

Click for larger picture.
As of today:

Click for larger picture.
Sorry for the washed out colors, I took the picture inside the house under my stitching lamp.
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