October TUSAL

Hello friends, followers, and lurkers!   I managed to remember to upload a snap of my TUSAL beaker. As you can see from the picture I haven't made any progress except for a handful of stitches since the last time I posted.  Two weeks ago I managed to pull a muscle in the middle of my back which curtailed my arms from holding anything for the last 2 weeks.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be able to set in my chair with my scroll frame and get going again on Camelot Sampler.

Remember to click on the picture for a bigger image.

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September Wipocalypse... A Few Days Late.

Well it seems I've missed the posting date for Wipocalypse again. But I think I can be excused this time as I spent Sunday watching TV and stitching all day long.  What with the Seahawks winning their first game of the season and several of my favorite TV shows either returning or premiering I got a lot of stitching done.  I even managed to get outside and see the supermoon/eclipse too!

September 28 – Topic:  Where do you buy most of your stitching supplies?  I don't really buy supplies anymore as I have acquired SABLE a long time ago.  I have all the fabric, thread, and notions I need for projects to last the rest of my life.

And now here are the before and after progress snaps for Camelot Sampler. [Click on snap for a bigger view]

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