Duck Collage Week 3 + 1 Day

Well as the title of this post says I'm a day over due for my weekly post.  I managed to finally finish my first "quacker" and have six more to go.  I guess-ta-mate I'm only one week behind now.  I had a very productive Sunday stitching and binge watching the original "Dark Shadows" tv series.  I purchased the complete limited edition episode set, and can get through an entire weeks worth of episodes in one day.  Right now I'm up to #63. 

I also made a few changes with the frame I was using. The slate frame I started out with was too big and cumbersome so last Friday I went to my LNS and bought a 17"x17" Q-Snap frame.  I've never used one before and I find it tolerable to work with. I plan on using it just for Aida cloth as I don't like the way it distorts the fabric close to the edges.

So here's a couple of snaps of my latest progress.  I also have a snap of my Christmas cactus; it bloomed last month and decided to surprise me with a two more blooms for January.

Thank You for stopping by my Blog and a big Welcome to my new followers.


D1-D2 said...

You're doing great :) I'm sure you'll catch up in no time.