Off the Deep End.....

I went a little crazy today over at HAED's 30% off sale (which ends on the 31st) and got me 6 new charts and another needle minder. I've now completed my collection of Linda Ravenscroft's Zodiac Series; I also got her "The Emerald Heart" chart.  The last two items are Lisa Parker's "The Witching Hour" chart along with the needle minder of the same picture.



I'll have an update this Sunday on "Duck Collage" and then I'm putting it away and picking another WiP to work on.  I figure new month, new WiP.

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Happy Easter!!!

Wishing everyone lots of chocolate bunnies and eggs... And Stitching too!!!!!
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March Madness a.k.a. WIPocalypse

Well since I just posted an update on Sunday of Duck Collage there's not much progress to show today. But here it is anyway.....
Sorry for the darkness of the snap, all I had was my stitching light to light it.
Now for this month's topic question: 

March  23 - Topic: Do you use hoops, stretcher bars, lap stands or Q snap frames and why? (via CathieJ)
I first started stitching with hoops because at the time that's all I knew of.  Back in the late 1960's there wasn't that much available around here at the time.  We had department and fabric stores, but I can't remember any (strictly speaking) craft stores.  I still use hoops but very rarely.

Now days as my projects have gotten bigger I needed something to accommodate the larger sizes of fabric and not leave hoop rings so I moved on to scroll frames (or stretcher bars).

With my home made 36" wide scroll frames came the problem of how to hold them. Answer...  Make my own scroll frame table and cradle (or lap stand).   Scroll Frame Cradle & Table

 Q-Snap frames were kind of a happy accident.  I needed something to start Duck Collage on but everything I had was in use and I didn't want to deal with hoop rings; so I decided to buy a 17x17 set to see what it was like. I was surprised at how drum tight the Aida fabric is using it.  I'm not very happy about how the fabric is distorted in the corners, but as I'm using Aida I don't mind; in fact I think I'll keep this Q-snap frame strictly for aida kit projects.

Happy Stitching everyone and Thanks for stopping by.....

Duck Collage Week 6 + New Needle-Minders!!!!

Well it's sort of week 6, technically I've only been working on D.C. for 3 days.  After I lost my stitching mojo for 3 1/2 weeks; my manic depression seems to hit me more frequently nowadays.  Anyway here's the before and after snaps with my new HAED needle minders that came in the mail yesterday.


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Happy St. Patty's Day & More SEX!!!

Greetings fellow Bloggers and new followers!!!!  I don't have any update posts for today, that will have to wait until this coming Sunday.  What I would like to pass along is a "Happy St. Patrick's Day" to you all and to show you the new HAED stash I've added to my bulging collection.  This week HAED had it's St. Patty's Day 25% off sale and I couldn't resisted - again!

First are two more charts by Linda Ravenscroft.  Zodiac signs - Aries and Taurus.  I need 4 more to complete my collection of 12.

Next is Aimee Stewart's "A Stitch in Time".

I noticed when I was on Face Book this morning there's a SAL Group for this chart, and when I start it I plan to join the group.  And last but not least I purchased a couple of needle minders from HAED for when I work on my WIPs.

That's all for this Blog post... Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you on Sunday!!!
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