EzBoard Attacked….

As many of you know by now EzBoard was attacked and whole forum postings and Boards were lost on Memorial Day, Mon. 30th. I found out about this on Thursday but didn’t realize the extent of the damage done until today when I finally had a chance to visit my 4 main boards and 6 others that I occasionally check. It really pisses me off that some ass hole decided it would be fun to destroy over a years worth of posts, Chest Funds for various boards, membership access, and God knows what else.

From reading the EzBoard Announcement/Information Board for their daily updates on the situation and reading between the lines, it looks like an inside job. Probably someone who was recently fired who decided to take out his/her revenge. The systems that were attacked clearly needed special key codes that only an employee would have access to. Anyway that’s my theory on the matter, and I hope they fry the ass hole when they catch them.

I was the victim of a lost membership to the Aion Needlecrafts Board. And when I finally got re-registered and checked the stitchalong forums I post in Le Marquoir d’Annick Abrial, and French Mystery Sampler, all the postings were gone. It’s been 5 days since the attack and looks like the backup information was lost as well. Since no one else has listed them I re-posted the chart links in both forums.

In the Camelot Sampler Forum on the Teresa Wentzler Board all the posts from April ’04 to the present are gone. Granted there wasn’t much chatter in the forum but the loss of the Gallery thread with everyone’s finished Cam Sam’s is a big disappointment. I haven’t checked the Christmas Forum yet but I can pretty much gather that they’ll be missing threads in there too.

What’s really depressing to think about is the collection of forum threads that held found errors for TW’s charts. I hope the moderators for those forums have that information saved on their home computers so it can be restored. I can be thankful that I decided to save the forum posting under TWBB Stitcher Spotlight when Teresa was featured back in August ‘04 because that thread is gone too.

I’ll be getting back to motif #13, of the spot sampler, after I post this and I’ll work on it the rest of the day. I’m still hoping to get it finished and a pic posted to my WiPs page on my web site tomorrow.

That’s all for today's depressing Blog Blurb.
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