A Sad Bit of News…..

I hadn’t heard from Tina, the owner of Count & Stitch, in over a month. So I called her up today to find out what happened to my order. It seems to have gotten screwed-up and had to be reordered and it should be in by this Saturday. But the really shocking news is that Saturday is also the last day the shop is open. Yep, Count & Stitch is going out of business. Seems she just couldn’t recover from that employee theft at the first of the year and the two people that were interested in buying her business changed their minds.

Also, Teresa Wentzler’s final chart “Tropical Dream” was sent out on shop automatics last Friday. I told Tina about it so hopefully she’ll remember to snag one for me this week. Damn, but I’m going to miss Count & Stitch. It was the only local needlework shop we’ve had since last one closed 15-20 years ago . Now I’ll have to buy all my fabric over the internet. I’m so glad I managed to buy a copy of the Wichelt and Zweigart fabric sample books when she first opened up in 2003.
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