New Beginnings & More Stitching…

Jobs: Last month I tried out for a circuit board plant I really thought I had a chance at. It was 8am to 4:30pm Monday thru Friday soldering components on circuit boards. I went in and took a soldering test/interview and never got a call back. I really wasn’t too disappointed in losing that one, the smell from the chemical cleaners made me sick all the next day.

I think I’m going to quit looking until after the holiday season sometime in January and just avoid being turned down for work. Beside I have other things to keep me busy.

A lot of other things really: Like stitching a wedding announcement for my younger brother. Seems they’ve moved their wedding date from July 2006 to January 27, 2006 which only gives me a little over 1 ½ months to get “Our Days” done. That and just last Saturday my younger sister informed everyone that’s she engaged and is getting married in October 2006 for the second time. So I’ll be stitching her an announcement too, and somewhere in there I have to find time to stitch my parents a 50th anniversary sampler for June 2006.
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