End of the week musings....

Got a chance to check out “Stitch N’ Bug” today. It’s basically a ‘hole in the wall’ quilters shop. They’ve decided to carve out a niche in the shop to provided Aida fabric, thread, beads, some XS leaflets, etc. The owner said she’s doing it because her daughters are into counted cross stitch. Plus the fact that “Count n’ Stitch” is closed and there’s no other competition. I won’t bother to go back in a couple of weeks when she said it would be setup. She doesn’t come across as very knowable about XS supplies. I think I’ll just stick to ordering my stash from “Paw Prints” on line needle shop.

Which reminds me, I got an automated bill from them. Part 8 of the Berlin Woolwork Sampler is now available. Suppose I should check the webpage for any new corrections.

Added some new stuff to the side bar. Yahoo avatar, JavaScript percentage bars, & Blinkie buttons. I decided to keep the lighthouse background pictures.

I’m not going to put up a wip page and progress bar for the anniversary sampler, it’s too small a project. I do however need to get my butt in gear and get it finished tomorrow.
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