More Swollen Fingers

The fingers on my left hand are all swollen and numb. Soaked them in Epson salts for 30minutes and now their not so painful. Good news, my sinus infection is almost gone. Just the occasional cough and drippy nose. I still suck on cough drops all day long to keep my throat from drying out. That nasty crap called ABZOL (circuit board cleaner) gives me a headache when ever they open the de-greasing vat.

No fabric from Paw Prints yet. I’ll give them until the 14th and then email them. I really need to get started on that wedding project. Because with my sore hands I’ll only be able to sew on it on the weekends.
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Life on the Job so far….

By the time I get home at 5:30pm I’m too tired to write anything in my blog. But if I don’t force myself to write something now I never will. It's hard to type with one hand. Because my left thumb is swollen from stuffing circuit boards for 8 hours. Looks like my stitching is going to be put on hold for a long while, until my hands get use to repetitive work.
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Possible temp job…..

Manufacturing services called me around 10am today wanting to know if I’d be interested in a full-time temp job stuffing circuit boards with possible soldering later on. You remember them. I took a soldering test back in October 2005 and never got a word back from them.

They want me to start on Monday the 20th from 8:00am – 4:30pm. They never did mention how long the job was for – what can I say I need the money. So I’ll work it for as long as it lasts.

Now all I need to do is get a 10 ticket bus pass and new time schedules.

Ta Da !!!!!

Finally finished it today around 5pm. I didn’t cut the foam core right and it was a tight fit to get it in the frame. Although it’s hard to see the names and dates are in purple. The bells have been embellished with gold metallic thread, and the heart is a button that was turned into a charm.

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Just a quick note....

Finally finished the 50th anniversary sampler for my parents tonight. Now all I have to do is try to figure out how to turn a heart button into a charm. I’ll worry about that tomorrow along with setting up a finished project page on my website.

Wedding Stitchery: I got around and ordered a 20” x 20” piece of Jubilee antique white evenweave from Paw Prints Sunday on-line. They were off at some trade show over the weekend so it will probably be a few days before they get their e-mail orders caught up and I get a paypal invoice. Hopefully I’ll be able to start on Maryann’s project by March 1st. This will be my first time using this fabric, I hope it has a nice feel to it.
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End of the week musings....

Got a chance to check out “Stitch N’ Bug” today. It’s basically a ‘hole in the wall’ quilters shop. They’ve decided to carve out a niche in the shop to provided Aida fabric, thread, beads, some XS leaflets, etc. The owner said she’s doing it because her daughters are into counted cross stitch. Plus the fact that “Count n’ Stitch” is closed and there’s no other competition. I won’t bother to go back in a couple of weeks when she said it would be setup. She doesn’t come across as very knowable about XS supplies. I think I’ll just stick to ordering my stash from “Paw Prints” on line needle shop.

Which reminds me, I got an automated bill from them. Part 8 of the Berlin Woolwork Sampler is now available. Suppose I should check the webpage for any new corrections.

Added some new stuff to the side bar. Yahoo avatar, JavaScript percentage bars, & Blinkie buttons. I decided to keep the lighthouse background pictures.

I’m not going to put up a wip page and progress bar for the anniversary sampler, it’s too small a project. I do however need to get my butt in gear and get it finished tomorrow.
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A busy week so far….

I found out Sandy's Fabric & Sewing doesn’t have or take orders for counted cross stitch fabric. I also found another shop listed in the phone book called “stitch n bug” sounds like a little hole in the wall as the lady who answered the phone said she had trouble getting x-stitch fabric. Maybe I can get Donn to drive me to Kennewick to check it out. In any case I can always order fabric from an on-line shop.

Still trying to get the anniversary sampler finished.
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End of the week news….

Mom informed me yesterday that Maryann’s changed her wedding from October to June ’06. Which means now I have both projects that need to be finished and Camelot Sampler will again be left in the closet for another 4 months.

The 50th anniversary sampler is coming along, give it another week and I should have it finished. Which is good because I need to get started on Maryann’s project. Hopefully I can convince Donn to take me to Sandy's Fabric & Sewing to order the fabric today after my chiropractor appointment.

That's all for now......
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