Feeling Better... Almost and "Birds Of A Feather" Update

Well the sinus infection that started on the 12th of March lasted almost a week and a half; the 21st I went back to work. I survived but man - was I tired. I hate that stage of a virus when you're not quite over it but you just can't stay home any longer. Cuz you're so crazy bored with lying in bed.

I'm still feeling tired but I managed to do some stitching on "Birds" last week. Not as much as I'd hoped but I'm almost finished with part 3. All I have to do is finish the blue bird, a gold key, and the letters Y and Z. Then it's on to part 2 with the rest of the alphabet, another bird, and the rest of the other tree.

Click for bigger picture.

Not the best picture and I didn't want to take it out of the hoop. But at least it shows my progress.

I don't know when I'll be posting another update I feel a relapse coming on again as my nose was constantly running at work today and now my throat is feeling raw again. I've got another prescription of antibiotics and I'm going to start them again today for another eight days. I also need to start boxing up stuff in my apartment as I plan on moving out at the end of April. I decided to head back to Richland where it's cheaper to live and with the gas prices going through the roof I'll be using the transit bus to get to work again.

Well that's all for this Blog Blurb.