Progress on Vikings World and YEA Seahawks!!!!

I was hoping to have the dragon backstitched for this progress photo, but oh well...   I still have plenty of progress to show for this week.  All that's left to do is the back half of the ship and the verse at the bottom.  I've got things to do this week that will cut into my stitching time and next week is Christmas, so this may be the last update until the last weekend of December.

Click for larger picture.

Yea Seahawks...  they cakewalked all over the Giants not letting them score once.  By the end of the 2nd quarter you could tell by the looks on the players faces that they had given up.  That and they keep turning the ball over to the Seahawks; I kept scratching my head over that one.  Anyway the final score 23 to 0.  At 12 wins and 2 losses can I dare squeal Superbowl!?!?


Anyway thanks for stopping by.