TUSAL - December Report and Vikings World Progress

Wow here it is my second official TUSAL report before the end of the year.  I hope next month and the start of 2014 shows a lot of progress in my TUSAL beaker. 
Along with my ORTs posting is my one week progress update for a Vikings World.  I've almost got one page of this six page chart done.  I was really hoping to be a little farther along.  But I get the feeling it's not going to be done for Christmas.  I kind of wish now that I had started working on it when I was first laid-off work two months ago, then I probably would be almost finished by now.  O well, Tony knows it's going to be his sooner or later, I was just hoping it would be sooner. 
After I get this project done I need to decide what to finish next. There are at least three projects on my WIPs list that I'd like to finish for 2014. They are "Camelot Sampler" & "The 12 Days of Christmas" by Teresa Wentzler and "Musical Bell Pull" by Donna Vermillion Giampa. 
I don't know if I'm gonna do a straight shot and work on them one after the other or do a rotational system like I use to years ago.  O well, I guess I'll worry about that when the time comes.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by.